Social Psychology

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Tara Marshall

Program Director’s Welcome

I am excited to welcome you to the Social Psychology program at McMaster!

Our program, the only one of its kind in Canada, offers an Honours BA in Social Psychology that combines perspectives from psychology and sociology to understand individuals and the societies we live in. I invite you to learn more about our faculty and their research interests in relationships, sexuality, health and well-being, crime, social media and socialization by visiting our faculty and research pages.


We have several areas of study within our Program if you would like to focus your interests. In the area of Mental Health and Well-Being, students can take courses on counselling & psychotherapy, mental health, psychology of well-being, child clinical psychology, and close relationships. In the Law, Justice, Crime and Deviance stream, students can take courses focusing on the social psychology of rule-making and rule-breaking, social control, and imprisonment. Finally, in our Family & Life Course stream, students can take courses on childhood socialization and the development of self and identity over the life course. Students also develop strong research skills and have opportunities to work alongside faculty on research projects. Our program allows enough flexibility and elective space to take a wide variety of minors and to explore other interests.


We are a friendly and welcoming group that offers many opportunities to connect with fellow students and with faculty. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about our program.


Tara Marshall, PhD

Director, Social Psychology Program

Associate Professor, Health, Aging & Society