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Annual Poster Session Showcase

On March 18, 2022, the students from the capstone course in the Social Psychology Program took part in the annual poster session showcase for Soc Psy 4ZZ6.

Mar 25, 2022

We are happy to showcase the work of the 100 students in the capstone course and their 19 respective research groups. The research conducted by the students in the Soc Psy 4ZZ6 course captures the student-lived experience in 2021/2022. 

Research studies exploring the myriad impacts of COVID-19 dominated the topics under investigation this year, looking at the impacts of COVID-19 in areas such as: social comfort, relationships, well-being, perceptions of success, family dynamics, motivation and achievement, self-perceived changes in personality and identity, social isolation & introversion, and coping mechanisms and well-being.

Other capstone projects studied facets of the student lived experience, including the link between social media and self-presentation, social media, cancel culture & performative activism, presentation of and sharing of identities on social media, the impact of individualism and collectivism on academic achievement, effects of parenting styles on well-being, the relationship between housing, social integration & adjustment, perceptions of mental health literacy, and effects of biased media on students. 

We welcome you to view the posters showcasing the important and social psychologically relevant research studies conducted by the 2021/2022 capstone students. The capstone course is instructed and supervised by Dr. Sarah Clancy, Assistant Professor, in the Social Psychology Program/Dept. of Health, Aging and Society.

View the posters here.