Social Psychology

The McMaster Undergraduate Journal of Social Psychology is pleased to announce its 2023 publication!

Congratulations to the entire editorial team, 5 thesis groups whose outstanding work is published in this edition of the McMaster Undergraduate Journal of Social Psychology, as well as the abstracts from 9 presentations from the Social Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference. The Social Psychology Program is so proud of your hard work, dedication, and achievements!


The Social Psychology Program is pleased to announce the 2023 publication of the McMaster Undergraduate Journal of Social Psychology (MUJSP)!  In 2019, The MUJSP was created and launched by Social Psychology student, Namya Tandon, who served as editor-in-chief for two years, successfully leading the editorial team through the 2020 and 2021 publications of the journal, followed by Raisa Jadavji (former co-assistant editor) who was acting Editor-in-Chief for 2022.  In Spring 2023, Linette Sapper stepped into the role of Editor-in-Chief.  Linette recently graduated from the Social Psychology Program in June 2023.  Linette is not new to the journal however, having previously served as co-assistant editor.  Other members of the MUJSP team include Assistant Editors, Angelo Marmolejo and Ayma Iqbal, Graphic Designer Sarah McBride, and Layout Editor, Christina Doan. Dr. Sarah Clancy continues to serve as the Faulty Advisor.


This edition features five group-based thesis papers that met the minimum standard of excellence of a grade of 85% or higher on the final thesis paper submitted for the capstone course, as per the publication criteria. The five studies included for publication in this issue include the following (ordered alphabetically by study title with authors alphabetically by last name):


“Am I a Leader or a Follower?”: Examining Social Media Use Through the Lens of Social Conformity and Individuality by Rachel Dennison, Yumna Qaisar, Linette Sapper, Melanie Selvaggi, Safaiya Tobala


Comparing the Psychological Well-being of International and Domestic Students by Laurie Baker, Christine Huang, Karolina Kalashnikova, Monserrat Ramirez Ruvalcaba, Shaza Zahir Hassan


Impact of Social Groups on Academic Agency in Lower-Year and Upper-Year Students by Arielle Ngai, Dana Alnahhar, Conrad von Palleske, Maya Mehta, Nayla Pietras, Vivian Wu


Rates of Imposter Syndrome Among Female-Identifying Individuals in Undergraduate STEM Programs at McMaster University by Lana Abdul Raheem, Alyssa Cockburn, Al-Ain Dalisay, Olivia Eakins, Alison Rogers


The Association Between Birth Order & Attachment Style by Molly Clayton, Cassidy Colalillo, Jaskiran Guraya, Fatima Malik, Margaret Miller, Emily Vieira.


The new articles can be viewed on the webpage for the McMaster Journal of Social Psychology, available here:   https://journals.mcmaster.ca/mujsp/issue/view/206

While only a portion of the thesis papers completed during the 2022-2023 academic year are included in this issue of the McMaster Undergraduate Journal of Social Psychology, the work completed by the entire class is commendable and should be recognized.  If you would like to know more about the other projects completed during the 2022-2023 academic year, please see this link: https://socialpsychology.socsci.mcmaster.ca/stories/4zz6-capstone-class-poster-showcase/


The capstone course has been taught by Dr. Sarah Clancy, Assistant (Teaching) Professor, since the 2014/2015 academic year.


The 2023 edition of the McMaster Undergraduate Journal of Social Psychology continues the tradition from 2022 with the publication of the abstracts of the presenters from the second annual Social Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference, held in March 2023.  To find out more details about the conference, please click on the following link: https://socialpsychology.socsci.mcmaster.ca/stories/congratulations-presenters-and-conference-developers-organizers-of-the-2nd-annual-social-psychology-undergraduate-research-conference/


The collection of work in this 2023 publication of the McMaster Undergraduate Journal of Social Psychology showcases the academic excellence and achievements of the students in the Social Psychology Program, and more generally, the Faculty of Social Sciences.  Congratulations to the editorial team, the thesis group members, and abstract presenters on your publication! The Social Psychology Program is so proud of you!